... to the ilove collective. This site lists all of the fanlistings and other types of listings I own or I've joined, so be sure to take a look around! I love expressing my love of many things by joining the listings for them and have been doing so since August 29, 2006, and now I've started running my own listings, so be sure to check those out. :) Currently, I am a member of 15 listings.

I currently own 8 fanlistings, with a total member count of 402 + 1 and have 0 affiliates.

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Two fanlistings adopted

I adopted the Edward Cullen fanlisting and the Jasper Hale & Alice Cullen fanlisting, both from Ingrid. Thanks again, Ingrid!

Posted on Wed 24th Jan 2024

Happy New Year

Have a happy, healthy and safe 2024!

Posted on Tue 9th Jan 2024

Merry Christmas

ilove has a new and lovely layout today, thanks to Mal at shop.moudoku.com!

Posted on Mon 6th Nov 2023

Finished form sent

The last time I applied for a fanlisting was in July of 2015, but I just sent my finished form to TFL for Pit Bulls!

Posted on Fri 29th Sep 2017

Finished form sent

I sent my finished form to TFL for Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Posted on Sat 4th Jul 2015